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do anywhere bodyweight workout

tis' the season for holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and cocktails. its a wonderful time of year but if you aren't careful it can leave you run down and distracted from taking care of yourself well. usually, Along with all the festivities come all the excuses! Prioritize yourself and your mental well being with daily movement throughout the holiday season. Don't let the holidays slow your momentum towards your #bestself with this bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere.

I love This workout because it focuses strongly on stability and balance. things that most of us forget about... #guilty

As I work on creating systems for my clients and myself, I have come to realize how important intent is when creating workout regimens that will work. This is 'the why' factor. its about connecting with your desired end result.

without a destination, how will you know where to go? ya know?? it may just seem like a workout or a way to burn calories to you now, but I promise when you shift your mindset to be more intentional/focused on the end result, you will get the results you desire. The process is slow and steady but you will get there injury free, strong and balanced.

I promise to be here educating you all as best as I can. I will always explain 'why' so I can better guide you from afar!! so if you're into it, keep reading. if not, scroll to the bottom to get your do anywhere bodyweight workout.

Why Stability and balance training is important

stability training is the ability to control your body through movements while balance is the ability to maintain your center of gravity. (i.e. walking lunges = stability and split lunges = balance)

when incorporating these elements you are requiring more of an effort from your primary and secondary muscles, helping create muscle synergy and increasing energy expenditure. There are so many amazing benefits to incorporating this type of training into your regimen and of course, I am going to share why:

  • it can help improve athletic performance. since balance and stability require more effort from your muscles during movements it helps improve your overall abilities.

  • it uncovers your imbalances. balance and stability training usually require some sort of element of unilateral work which can help highlight weaknesses and imbalances. these are important to pay attention to and address as they greatly help in injury prevention.

  • it assists in building overall strength. when you focus on creating a balanced, strong body and improving stability, you are more likely to improve your overall athletic abilities across the spectrum of your fitness goals.

  • it helps improve longevity in your fitness endeavors and your life span as well. there are many studies that support balance and stability training adding to your life span but also helps overcome injury or better yet, keep it at bay.

and, no, I did not choose this video to rub in the blue SKIES AND Warm breezes of Cabo. let's be real, I am currently wrAPPED UP IN LAYERS DREAMING OF Warmer days too! either way, my hope is that this video brings a little sunshine into your day and inspiration to your next workout.

if you are interested in learning more about how to create a workout routine that fits you best please head to my contact form and leave me a message. I hope to hear from you soon!!

stay well my friends,


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